Tilt Sculpture 

Wood and Metal Sculpture, 12' x 5', 2014

Tilt is a functioning See-Saw made from wood and metal. It repeatedly shifts from one position to another and back again. As a triangle, it functions and uses the ideas of a see-saw in a nontraditional way, the points of the triangle are the supports and the points of movement. Different from a playground seesaw, there are no handlebars, and the seats made from steel appear uncomfortable. The piece is 12 feet long, but the angles of the sculpture make it appear lighter. The exposed ribs create open spaces, giving the sculpture the opportunity to breathe and suggest a life of its own. Tilt creates a feeling of daily struggle with our ups and downs. Participants are being comforted by the nostalgic idea of a See-Saw, and at the same time, they are discomforted by the loss of control from the sculpture in weight and power. Tilt reinforces the notion of comfort versus anxiety.